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Ville Heilala, Ph.D.

Teaching people and machines


Exploring technology readiness among Finnish university students (Open Access)
Heilala, Ville; Kelly, Riitta; Järvinen, Miitta; Hämäläinen, Raija
Proceedings: International Conference of the Learning Sciences, forthcoming
Keywords: human-technology interaction, psychometrics, higher education, technology readiness, diverse technology use

The Finnish Version of the Affinity for Technology Interaction (ATI) Scale: Psychometric Properties and an Examination of Gender Differences (Open Access)
Heilala, Ville; Kelly, Riitta; Saarela, Mirka; Jääskelä, Päivikki; Kärkkäinen, Tommi
International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 39(4), 2023, pp. 874-892
Keywords: human-technology interaction, psychometrics, Mokken scale, item response theory, translation

Capturing cognitive load management during authentic virtual reality flight training with behavioural and physiological indicators (Open Access)
Lämsä, Joni; Mannonen, Joonas; Tuhkala, Ari; Heilala, Ville; Helovuo, Arto; Tynkkynen, Ilkka; Lampi, Emilia; Sipiläinen, Katriina; Kärkkäinen, Tommi; Hämäläinen, Raija
Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 2023
Keywords: cognitive load, cognitive load management, physiological measurements, professional learning, simulation, virtual reality

"Sitting at the Stern and Holding the Rudder": Teachers' Reflections on Action in Higher Education Based on Student Agency Analytics
Heilala, Ville; Jääskelä, Päivikki; Saarela, Mirka; Kuula, Anna-Stina; Eskola, Anne; Kärkkäinen, Tommi
In: Chechurin, L. (eds) Digital Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Developing and Disseminating Skills for Blended Learning, 2022, Palgrave Macmillan, Cham
Keywords: teacher, reflection, learning analytics, pentadic analysis

Learning analytics with learning and analytics: advancing student agency analytics (Open Access)
Heilala, Ville
JYU Dissertations 512, 2022
Keywords: learning analytics, psychometrics, student agency, higher education

Explainable Student Agency Analytics (Open Access)
Saarela, Mirka; Heilala, Ville; Jääskelä, Päivikki; Rantakaulio, Anne; Kärkkäinen, Tommi
IEEE Access, 9, 2021, pp. 137444-137459
Keywords: explainable artificial intelligence, decision making, higher education, student agency

Student agency analytics: learning analytics as a tool for analysing student agency in higher education
Jääskelä, Päivikki; Heilala, Ville; Häkkinen, Päivi; Kärkkäinen, Tommi
Behaviour & Information Technology, 40(8), 2021
Keywords: student agency, learning analytics, robust statistics

Course Satisfaction in Engineering Education Through the Lens of Student Agency Analytics
Heilala, Ville; Saarela, Mirka; Jääskelä, Päivikki; Kärkkäinen, Tommi
Proceedings of the 2020 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE), 2020, pp. 1-9
Keywords: course satisfaction, student agency, exploratory statistics, supervised machine learning

Understanding the Study Experiences of Students in Low Agency Profile: Towards a Smart Education Approach
Heilala, Ville; Jääskelä, Päivikki; Kärkkäinen, Tommi; Saarela, Mirka
SmartICT 2019: Advances in Smart Technologies Applications and Case Studies, 2020, pp. 498-508
Keywords: student agency analytics, learning analytics, robust clustering, thematic analysis, knowledge graph

Let Me Hack It: Teachers' Perceptions About `Making' in Education
Heilala, Ville; Saarela, Mirka; Reponen, Sanna; Kärkkäinen, Tommi
SmartICT 2019: Advances in Smart Technologies Applications and Case Studies, 2020, pp. 509-518
Keywords: making in education, maker movement, digital humanities, student agency